font pick. libre baskerville.

libre baskervilleno other words needed. it’s my new obsession (in italic). if you like libre baskerville too, you can download it here for free.


free 3×4 xoxo brush script printables

valentin’s day is just around the corner and i’m completely into brush script … i wanted to combine both and so i designed a few 3×4 journal cards for my project life album. i like how they turned out and maybe you like them too.

you can choose between 6 different designs (all 3×4). you can download only single journal cards (jpg-file will open – just right click and save the image) or all of them (zip-file).

i would love to see how you use them, so please share on instagram and tag me (@thatsmybubble).

xoxo printables

1.2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6.
download all (zip)

font pick. salomé.


Salomé is a complete font-family (Italic, Stencil, Stencil Italic, Fine, Fine Italic & Decó). You can get the Salomé Regular by paying with a tweet or a facebook post. The complete font-family is available by “pay what you want”. The lowest price is € 5,00. Check it out here.

Salomé by ATIPO