march. currently.

march, where have you been? it’s like i blinked and here we are. too much to do.

visiting london.

working on a lot of things for the hair salon opening from my sister in 3 weeks – designing all paper things and the promotion articles.

planing the actual opening event.

making cakepops for the first time (and losing my temper more than once).

planing on starting my own business and i’m so excited about it. more details soon but mainly it’s about creative workshops and commissional work.

designing my own corporate identity.

enjoying the amazing spring weather.

reading the german flow magazine.

missing my time with my project life album. soon i will be back, i swear.

eating a lot self-made date-leek-spread (so so good).


august, currently


cooking my first homemade pancake (thought that this is easier).

(finally) getting my new car.

loving my new i20 Baby. Had I really a power steering before?

visiting my brother on the open door day in the army barracks in Salzburg.

enjoying a short holiday in Hotel Guglwald.

cuddling with my lovely cat and my aunt’s new baby dog.

finding a Starbucks in Salzburg.

rebooking our vacation to Turkey due to the political unrest in Egypt and the issued travel warning.

needing this vacation badly.

hosting friends in our (new) apartment.

wishing a Fuji Instax Wide or a Big Shot for my birthday (in October). I can’t decide what I would prefer so I leave the decision to the giver.


july, currently.


enjoying summer nights (with friends) on our balcony.

watching revenge (we love it!).

reading “Me before You” – so so so good and sad at the same time.

participating in the BPC Phonephotography Project.

buying/leasing a new car.

getting new passport portraits (needed for our vacation in September).

saying goodbye to a good friend who leaves for a semester abroad.

harvesting my first homegrown tomatoes.

june, currently.


reading K’s diploma thesis and a few extracts on my kindle.

visiting a new bar in Linz and the new opened “Eisdieler”.

ordering a rabito case for my iPhone 4s in hot pink. will get here sometime in july but already in love.

buying a new vacuum cleaner. hello mister dyson.

spending some time with my sister in Linz and my family at home.

eating fabulous burgers and donuts.

watching revenge.

wearing the (black) wedding dress from my grand grand grand mother for a biedermeier event.

visiting a high rope course for the first time.

may, currently.


listening to thrift shop by macklemore.

drinking coca-cola vanilla.

celebrating the opening of a subway in our neighborhood.

enjoying our balcony and the first strawberries of the season.

looking at old pictures of my parents with my dad. times before they were married or got children.

learning tips and tricks on how to barbecue at the fabasoft cooking academy.

reading the balcony gardener (real book).

april, currently

reading “The Help” and  “Notes from a Big Country” on my kindle

loving that our balcony is coming together

drinking coca-cola with lemon

looking forward to that moment when K finally finished his diploma thesis

ordering blinds for our balcony

booking our next trip to New York in december (hello christmas shopping)

january, currently

drinking more Chai Tea Latte.

eating mostly fast food. we’re moving. no time for cooking.

reading on my new kindle paperwhite – Warm Bodies and Life of Pi.

loving my kindle.

feeling so very very sad.

hoping that time will heal the pain of our loss.

painting some walls in the new flat in red and in an bluish turquoise until 5 a.m.