Ready. Set. Go

Time for an update.
Travel Plans. Exploring outstanding. That’s my list. Let’s go. .

  • New York – Feb 2012
  • Washingon D.C – Feb 2012
  • Bali – 2015
  • San Francisco – 2014
  • Los Angeles – 2014
  • Las Vegas – 2014
  • Sydney (Australia)
  • Paris – Oct 2012
  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • Rome – June 2011
  • Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Egypt (pyramids, Nile cruise)
  • Antarctic (cruise)
  • Hawaii
  • Bora Bora
  • Singapore – 2015
  • Moscow (landed there but not explored)
  • New Zealand
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Kuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • Milano – July 2012
  • Cote d’Azur (Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo) – July 2012
  • Miami (Florida) – 2014
  • Niagara Falls
  • Disneyland (Orlando) – 2014
  • Disneyland (Paris) – 2015
  • Dubai – 2015
  • Bahamas
  • Africa (safari)

last update: August 22, 2013


summer books.


On September 7th we will be leaving for summer vacations. I don’t know why but somehow I talked my self into a 2-weeks-all-inclusive-vacation in Egypt. The thing is, I’m more the city/shopping/sightseeing-i-have-to-do-something kind of girl … and K is more the i-can-stay-at-the-pool/sea-all-day-14-days-in-a-row kind of guy. Ok. Probably I can do the i-can-stay-at-the-pool/sea-all-day for about 3 – 4 days. Then I start to get bored of me.

Since we booked that trip already last November, I had (and still have) time to prepare. There are some activities I have in mind – like jetskiing, driving a quad bike in the sahara, visiting Hurghada and get myself at least 4 times through the cocktail menu. Ok, this will probably not occupy me 14 days but it’s a start. My master plan: Last Christmas I wished for a kindle paperwhite – with great foresight. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi so I can always get more reading material without baggage problems. Aaah, he’s just so convenient. I love him.

Currently I’m reading “Where’d You Go, Bernadette” (Maria Semple). On my current summer reading list are also

Are there any books that you absolutely want to read this summer or can recommend me? Would love to hear your recommendations.

on the go

Where I have already been (in no particular order):

  1. Austria (home sweet home)
  2. Germany
  3. Italy
  4. Malta
  5. Spain
  6. Croatia
  7. UK
  8. France
  9. Russia
  10. Polska
  11. United States
  12. Turkey
  13. Tunisia
  14. Monaco
  15. Vatican City
  16. Hungary
  17. Czech Republic

upcoming roadtrip

Not that we haven’t already traveled a lot this year – it so happend that we will make a roadtrip on the upcoming weekend to Frankfurt on the Main (Germany). We just stay for one night. Hopefully there will be enough time to see the mainly importants sights and go a little bit shopping.

travel lens | PARIS

The first weekend of october (10/5 – 10/8) we spent an awesome time in Paris. That weekend in Paris was part of my christmas gift for Klaus last year. It is always kind of hard to find an appropriate present for him – because he is a little Christ Child (we don’t have Santa Claus; in Austria on 24th December the Christ Child comes – bringing the tree and the presents). So Klaus was born on a 24th of December – this means for me that I have to combine birthday and christmas gift (hello financial ruin). Last year all my thinking and combining resulted in a “weekend-in-paris-voucher”.

So we booked a weekend in october and it so happened that is was my birthday weekend.

I bought a 48-hour-ticket for a hop-on-hop-off bus in Paris so we visited mainly all important sights: We climbed the “La Tour Eiffel” by feet (because the lines for the elevator were tremendous long – can’t believe that some people wait there more than two hours), were shopping in “Galeries Lafayette” (it was raining outside – perfect excuse for a little shopping), visited the “Arc de Triomphe” and Notre Dame, saw the Monna-Lisa (unbelievable how tiny she is – and how many people were there only to see her), were disappointed by the “Moulin Rouge” (how could I believe it would at least look a little bit like the Moulin Rouge as I know it from the movie Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor?) and loved Montmartre with the Sacre Coeur.

We always send postcards when we are traveling – to our parents and friends. Ok, I write the postcards and Klaus signs them. This time we “pimped” our postcards with own pictures from us in front of the Eiffel Tower. I printed them with a Polaroid Pogo and the finished postcards turned out just perfect. Can’t wait to use the Pogo again on our next trip.