what to do in my 27th year on this earth

  1. start blogging (blog at least once in a week)
  2. start baking
  3. bake at least once in a month
  4. get a amazon kindle
  5. read at least 10 books
  6. find a new flat
  7. travel to a new country
  8. keep up with project life
  9. make a photo-frame-wall with photos of k+r around the world
  10. buy a new DSLR
  11. start making videos (with the new DSLR)
  12. make at least once in a month something with a friend
  13. try Zumba
    fall semester 2012 – and it was quite fun
  14. eat at least 5 new things
  15. learn Illustrator
  16. … to be continued … soon 🙂