march. currently.

march, where have you been? it’s like i blinked and here we are. too much to do.

visiting london.

working on a lot of things for the hair salon opening from my sister in 3 weeks – designing all paper things and the promotion articles.

planing the actual opening event.

making cakepops for the first time (and losing my temper more than once).

planing on starting my own business and i’m so excited about it. more details soon but mainly it’s about creative workshops and commissional work.

designing my own corporate identity.

enjoying the amazing spring weather.

reading the german flow magazine.

missing my time with my project life album. soon i will be back, i swear.

eating a lot self-made date-leek-spread (so so good).


five on friday

1. i love all the sweet words and illustrations you can find on pinterest.

2. the lawn fawn 2014 releases arrive slowly here in austria. i placed a preorder on a few items because i want to create the opening invitations for my sister’s hair salon. they should be in the mail next week. i’m so excited. will share the finished invitations here for sure.

3. have you seen the evolution of hip-hop dance? so so good.

4. i finished the fault in our stars by john green last weekend. it’s really good but maybe you should have some tissues by your hand. you have been warned. now i’m in need of some good book recommendations please.

5. are you into the winter olympics in sochi? i’m so not. haven’t seen one olympic discipline. i simply avoid the tv.

five on friday

1. probably i have to frame that quote – and maybe i need another illustration of it (via pinterest).

2. my sister will start a hair salon (in addition to her nail salon) in the next few weeks. i’m so proud of her. anyways, now she is stocking up all the really good an professional hair products from matrix and tigi. oh, i already see my money going there. at the moment i’m in love with the matrix biolage keratindose pro-keratin renewal spray. next on my shopping list: tigi bed head oh bee hive matte dry shampoo.

3. so many cocktails and mocktails to try, so less time for it.

4. finally organized my project life kits (seafoam, midnight, sunshine). i used a ikea antonius basket insert (2 €) and i love how it turned out. now i’m waiting for the amy tangerine plus one mini kit.

5. sometimes i regret my project life album decision for 2014. why i haven’t changed? a handbook looks so much cooler than 12×12. oh yeah, probably because i thought i would need more than one handbook or where should i use all my titlecards? anyways…

five on friday

1. i just love to start every friday with a quote

2. definitely have a love/hate relationship with my hair. sometimes i love the lenght, sometimes i hate it. you can do more with longer hair, they are more changeable – i tell myself. and then i see all the pictures of medium-length bobs on pinterest and i want them. now. but … i can’t do it – maybe we get married next year, so i will let them grow (to a beautiful wedding up-do).

3. we’re looking for a cheap flight + hotel in barcelona via (for austria/germany oh, barcelona, according to all accounts you should be amazing.

4. i’m completely in love with the new one jewelry. i already got a lot of their stuff. my recent order contained this beautiful sterling silver wishbone necklace.

5. totally into the studio calico life|scripted class. will share some outcomes and details soon.

five on friday

1. true.

2. best fiancé ever got me this ikea expedit shelf for our office. he thought i would need a place where my current project life album always can lie open + offers me some storage space. it’s just perfect. the open album fits easily on top and i can store some of my project life supplies and my sizzix big shot in it.

3. we are completely into breaking bad season 2. we love to watch it in the evening/night but we should probably reconsider the daytime we watch it. it’s so thrilling that i often have a really bad sleep.

4. i’m in love with my new iphone 5s cover from rifle paper co. exactly what i was looking for + it was on sale. yay. now i want more – this or this, or both.

5. downloaded the fault in our stars by john green on my kindle paperwhite. hopefully i can start reading soon.

five on friday

1. just dance.

2. we bought the first season of breaking bad ( had a really great offer). never have seen an episode. when you now think … whaaaat? yes. it’s true. breaking bad is here (in austria) not really popular. it’s more like an insider tip. but better later than never. we watched the first 3 episodes on wednesday evening. klaus didn’t like it … i think i need a few more episodes to get a feeling for it. yesterday we watched the next (and last) 4 episodes and now we’re hooked. season 2 + 3 are already ordered and should arrive next week.

3. read the blog post from Kelly Purkey about tulle skirts and now i want one. found a cute (and cheap) one on and have already ordered it.

4. love the new blog the single girl’s scrapbook. if you are project lifer/scrapbooker without kiddos you have to check it out.

5. pre-orderd the new book from a beautiful mess –  A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home. loved the first book right away.

five on friday

1. Word. Learned that lesson last year.

2. Absolutely in love with my Mason Shaker (ordered via fab). Already building up my home bar. Unbelievable how many pretty bottles are out there. Want to buy everything.

3. Totally want a few things of the CHA releases – pinned them all on my Pinterest Wishlist.

4. Love the Studio Calico life|scripted class … don’t know if I should participate. It looks so awesome.

5. Found the perfect calendar for my project life album 2014 here. Just print in 3×4.