five on friday

1. probably i have to frame that quote – and maybe i need another illustration of it (via pinterest).

2. my sister will start a hair salon (in addition to her nail salon) in the next few weeks. i’m so proud of her. anyways, now she is stocking up all the really good an professional hair products from matrix and tigi. oh, i already see my money going there. at the moment i’m in love with the matrix biolage keratindose pro-keratin renewal spray. next on my shopping list: tigi bed head oh bee hive matte dry shampoo.

3. so many cocktails and mocktails to try, so less time for it.

4. finally organized my project life kits (seafoam, midnight, sunshine). i used a ikea antonius basket insert (2 €) and i love how it turned out. now i’m waiting for the amy tangerine plus one mini kit.

5. sometimes i regret my project life album decision for 2014. why i haven’t changed? a handbook looks so much cooler than 12×12. oh yeah, probably because i thought i would need more than one handbook or where should i use all my titlecards? anyways…


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