five on friday

1. just dance.

2. we bought the first season of breaking bad ( had a really great offer). never have seen an episode. when you now think … whaaaat? yes. it’s true. breaking bad is here (in austria) not really popular. it’s more like an insider tip. but better later than never. we watched the first 3 episodes on wednesday evening. klaus didn’t like it … i think i need a few more episodes to get a feeling for it. yesterday we watched the next (and last) 4 episodes and now we’re hooked. season 2 + 3 are already ordered and should arrive next week.

3. read the blog post from Kelly Purkey about tulle skirts and now i want one. found a cute (and cheap) one on and have already ordered it.

4. love the new blog the single girl’s scrapbook. if you are project lifer/scrapbooker without kiddos you have to check it out.

5. pre-orderd the new book from a beautiful mess –  A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home. loved the first book right away.


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