twilight. forever.

In Austria the last part of the twilight saga will officialy start on 22th November. Last Sunday I went with a friend to see the preview. We had originally planed to the see the twilight marathon the day before but both of us didn’t found time. So we booked the double feature (part 1 + 2 from breaking dawn) … and it was awesome. Can’t believe that’s over now. 

A few years ago I couldn’t understand why there was so much hype about the whole twilight “thing”. Then I studied one month russian in Russia and there was no tv and only rarely access to the internet.  So after two weeks in Russia I thought reading could help to pass time faster. I went into a russian bookshop and the only english books they had were the twilight books. Kind of fortune. So I bought the first book and under a week later I visited the bookshop again to buy the second one (quite fast reading but hey, I had absolutely nothing to do in the evenings).

When I came home from Russia I had read the first two books and I was obsessed. Really obsessed. Threre I was – right on twilight train. Team Edward of course. Who couldn’t fall in love with the volvo-driving-vampire? I bought the thrid and fourth book in german at home via amazon and the following two weeks I spent outside in a comfy canvas chair, getting some tan and reading them. I couldn’t stop. Within 4 four weeks I had read the complete twilight saga. I was fixed. Since that I have seen every twilight feature in cinema – the double, triple and quadruple feature. Kind of sad I hadn’t the time for the whole marathon but I will get the bluray-collectors-box for sure.


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