october, currently

drinking one full speed a day (at work). I’m not drinking coffee. So I can do this.

watching Red Bull Stratos. It was amazing and thrilling. Go, Austria, go!

laughing a lot with Klaus.

eating self-made muffins, oreo cupcakes and pumpkinseed-schnitzel.

thinking about getting a kindle paperwhite. quite hard decision. Maybe a christmas wish?

waiting for the premiere of the last twilight movie in november. Tickets are already bought.

sleeping not quite long these days. The change to winter time haven’t helped.

wearing nearly everyday my (new) ankle boots from Zara and my graduation gifts.

remembering that life can be (too) short.

making some progress with project life. yay.

baking chocolate chip muffins and oreo-cupcakes.

loving quality time with Klaus.

listening to the radio while driving the car.

enjoying the “dolce vita” after graduation – just going to work and doing nothing else.

feeling happy. Finally done with universitiy.

going to zumba every monday.

playing hay day on my iphone and fifa 2012 on our ps3 with Klaus.

Red Bull Stratos / Jay Nemeth


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